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Clear Ice Cannonballs for your cocktail !

Author: Matt Hay

Clear Ice Cannonballs for your cocktail is a great way to serve Bombarda Rum.

Clear ice is a topic of speculation and a myth these days. If you do a quick google search, you will see what we mean. Let's lay these myths to rest. The reality is that simple water adjustments will not fundamentally change the ice in your tray or mold - you must start with the correct mold in order to find consistent success.

  • Myth # 1: Using distilled water can produce clear ice

  • Myth # 2: Using bottled water can produce clear ice

  • Myth # 3: Boiling or double boiling water results in clear ice

The key to making clear ice is carefully controlling how the water is freezing. In nature you can see clear ice forming at the top of ponds, this is because of a controlled freezing process. The bottom and edges of the pond are being insulated by the earth so that water is freezing only from top-to-bottom. This results in a clear ice at the top and any air bubbles and impurities being pushed to the bottom as they are the last to freeze.  Learn more about cannon ice balls and Bombarda’s ice cannon ball maker:

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