Captain's Chronicles

The astonishing tales of Bombarda's Captain James

Bombarda's Small Batch Rum Releases known as: "Ship of The Line" are exquisitely crafted!
Captain James's vision for Bombarda Rum was clear from the outset—to create an annual limited edition rum that pays homage to legendary First Rate "Ship of the Line" galleons or frigates and bring their stories to life. read chronicle
Bombarda Rum's: Sovereign XO 22 Rum - A Royal Salute!

“Sovereign of the Seas: A Ship that Defied Nations and Shaped History"

read chronicle
Bombarda's Clean Rum Revolution !
"Pure, Authentic, and Undeniably Delicious: Experience Bombarda Rum's Difference” read chronicle
Windjammer Cruise Renaissance - A Journey of Rum, Restoration, and Caribbean Revival
Join Captain James on an epic voyage as he sets sail to Grenada, where the spirit of windjammer cruises is being reignited. read chronicle
Bombarda's Capitana Rum Makes Landfall ! An Exquisite, 8 year Dark Panamanian Rum
Exclusively available at Total Wine locations across Florida starting on August 25, 1963, this 8-10 year-old Panamanian dark rum has been hand-picked by Total Wine. read chronicle
Unraveling the Enigma of the Capitana El Rubi Galleon
read chronicle
A Simple Story of a Father & Son’s Triumphant Bond
How a Trip to The Dry Tortugas and times shared between a father & son led to what is now Bombarda Rum. read chronicle
The Difference Between a Static & Solera Rum Blend
A blend is easy to explain, it is in theory rather easy, as it means one is literally blending several rums together. read chronicle
Clear Ice Cannonballs for your cocktail !
The key to making clear ice is carefully controlling how the water is freezing. read chronicle
Crews Manning the Guns got a Shot of Rum Punch!
Starting in 1731, Seen as a necessary item to have on board, The British Royal Navy received a daily pint of Jamaican rum for each man and a half.  read chronicle
Early Colonists Chose Rum as Their Drink of Choice
Rum was the trending spirit during the 1700’s. American colonists loved rum and widely accepted the spirit as gifts from its politicians. read chronicle


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