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Bombarda's Small Batch Rum Releases known as: "Ship of The Line" are exquisitely crafted!

Author: James Papagno

"Experience the Legends of the Seas with Bombarda's "Ship of the Line" Rum Collection"

Step aboard the magnificent world of Bombarda Rum, where each bottle tells a tale of seafaring adventures and boasts a meticulously crafted blend of aged dark rums sourced from the Caribbean and Latin America. Led by Captain James, a discerning rumpreneur, Bombarda Rum has quickly gained recognition for its exceptional quality and dedication to delivering unique and unforgettable spirits to the market.

Following the tremendous success of their first release, the Formidable 18, Bombarda Rum proudly presents their second Ship of the Line release, the Sovereign XO 22. This exquisite rum, available both online at www.bombardarum.com and in select Total Wine stores across South Florida, takes aficionados on a legendary maritime journey with its dark Guyana rum, which has been double matured in Armagnac and American white oak barrels for an astounding 22 years. But Captain James's commitment to perfection didn't stop there; he further aged this remarkable dark rum for an additional 1.5 years, ensuring an unrivaled depth of flavor.

Captain James's vision for Bombarda Rum was clear from the outset—to create an annual limited edition rum that pays homage to legendary First Rate "Ship of the Line" galleons or frigates. Each release is accompanied by a meticulously designed bottle adorned with decorative elements that honor the chosen vessel's legacy. This seamless fusion of spirit and naval history has captivated rum enthusiasts and history buffs alike, guaranteeing an extraordinary experience with every sip.

Looking ahead to 2024, Bombarda Rum enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of the George Washington's epic "Alliance Ship of the Line " Frigate edition. Embodying the spirit of its namesake, this captivating release will be masterfully decorated in a bold palette of red, white, and blue—an homage to the indomitable spirit of America's first president.

Join Captain James and embark on a voyage through time and taste with Bombarda Rum's "Ship of the Line" collection. Each bottle is a testament to the artistry and passion that goes into creating these exceptional rums, allowing you to savor the legends of the seas with every pour. Stay tuned for future releases as Bombarda Rum continues to redefine the boundaries of rum production, crafting remarkable spirits that leave an indelible mark on history and palates worldwide