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Bombarda's Capitana Rum Makes Landfall ! An Exquisite, 8 year Dark Panamanian Rum

Author: James Papagno

Prepare to embark on a truly exceptional journey with Bombarda Rum's Capitana, a distinguished member of Captain James' - Private Barrel, "Ship of the Line" Series. 

There is an epic story behind the El Rubi Segundo, Capitana Galleon, which lies resting on a sandbar in a mere 20 feet of water off Plantation Key in the Florida Keys. In honor of her, Captain James designed and decorated a bottle specifically for telling her story.

Exclusively available at Total Wine locations across Florida starting on August 25, 1963, this 8-10 year-old Panamanian dark rum has been hand-picked by Total Wine.

The culmination of years of meticulous aging and expert craftsmanship, Bombarda's Capitana, single origin, dark rum boasts a rich and complex flavor profile that captures the essence of Panama's finest spirits. With its velvety texture and notes of decadent caramel, tropical fruits, and a hint of oak, each sip is a voyage into a world of unparalleled indulgence.

In their role as the exclusive retailer, Total Wine invites rum enthusiasts to enjoy Bombarda's Capitana Rum, a treasure for those who appreciate fine dark spirits.