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Windjammer Cruise Renaissance - A Journey of Rum, Restoration, and Caribbean Revival

Author: James Papagno


Join Captain James on an epic voyage as he sets sail to Grenada, where the spirit of windjammer cruises is being reignited.

Recently, Captain James embarked on epic Journey to Grenada, where the spirit of windjammer cruises is being reignited. Captain James and Captain Charles Kropke, a long term friend and fellow adventurer travel to Grenada where we worked tirelessly with the Government of Grenada to purchase the SV Mandalay , a 304 ' foot triple masted schooner once a part of the Windjammer Cruise fleet . Windjammer cruises had an amazing fleet of tall ships and operated in this area for almost 50 years before going out of business in the early 2000's Amidst the tropical shores,

After years of anticipation, the historic AC Mandalay schooner is finally being restored to her full glory, breathing new life into the world of windjammer cruises. Excitement fills the air as the renowned distiller Bombarda and his skilled crew join the restoration team, their expertise in craftsmanship and attention to detail a perfect match for this epic journey. The crew, fueled by their passion for both the sea and the art of rum-making, eagerly embraces the challenge of reviving the majestic vessel. They envision the AC Mandalay gracefully setting her sails once more, offering unforgettable sailing experiences along the coast of Miami. With Bombarda Rum as the spirit of choice on board, the crew is determined to bring the windjammer cruises of Miami back to their former glory, creating a voyage that intertwines the beauty of the sea with the exquisite flavors of their craft.

a thrilling journey unfolds, intertwining the art of rum and the meticulous restoration of historical vessels. Let the voyage begin, as the Caribbean welcomes back the timeless allure of windjammer cruises, forging new chapters in rum-soaked adventures and preserving the legacy of seafaring traditions.