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Drake's Golden Mojito

Author: Jonden Jackson
  • 2 Oz Drake or Culverin Rum
  • .5 Oz Agave Syrup
  • 1 Oz Passionfruit Juice
  • ½ Lime
  • 5 Mint Sprigs
  • Mint Garnish
Method of Attack:
  1. In a tall glass, muddle mint, sugar and lime juice.
  2. Stir in Agave and Passion fruit Juice and rum.
  3. Add ice and garnish if desired.
About This Recipe:

We all know that Havana, Cuba is the birthplace of the mojito, but let us add a little more history to everyone’s favorite rum recipe.

In the 1500s, Sir Francis Drake landed in Havana to sack the city of its gold. The invasion was unsuccessful, but luckily for us something good did come of it. His crew were suffering from dysentery and scurvy. Local South American Indians were known to have remedies for many diseases, so a small party went ashore to Cuba and came back with ingredients for a medicine. They used aguardiente de cana, mint leaves, and the juices from sugar cane and limes to put together a tonic which turned out to be effective. We know now that the lime juice was the helpful ingredient, but the others surely made it far more palatable! A cocktail named “El Draque’’ using very similar ingredients was known to be popular in Cuba after that time, and supposedly named after Drake himself.

This is a basic Mojito with a flavorful twist sure to please the crew!