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An authentic 17th-century silver coin from a legendary shipwreck.
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Bombarda Rums' Maravilla Treasure Coin Hunt

We're celebrating three of our newest "Ship of the Line" rum releases with a treasure hunt for rum lovers. Among the countless tales of lost galleons at sea, the stories of Maravilla and Capitana shine as true legends. To honor these remarkable narratives and to express gratitude to Bombarda's dedicated fans, a special royal treasure awaits.

Behold, Bombarda's Maravilla Treasure Coin Hunt! Enter your email below for a chance to win an authentic Spanish silver reale coin recovered from the Bahamian shipwreck site of Nuestra Senora de la Maravillas (Our Lady of Miracles).
No purchase is necessary. Best of luck!

Winner to be announced July 10, 2024, exactly 370 years to the day after Maravillas left Cartegena, July 10, 1654.

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The Maravillas Story

A King’s Lost Treasure at Sea:

In the annals of history, one captivating tale stands out – the saga of King Philip's lost treasure and the enigmatic journey it embarked upon. At the heart of this narrative was the Nuestra Senora de la Maravillas, affectionately known as "Our Lady of Miracles," a magnificent galleon tasked with safeguarding the riches of a king.

King Phillip's royal treasure witnessed two harrowing voyages, facing the tempestuous seas on both the Maravillas and the Capitana: "Jesus Maria de la Limpia Concepción" Galleon, each time sinking, and miraculously, being salvaged. Yet, destiny had a peculiar way of keeping the full extent of the king's wealth just out of reach.

The riveting tale unfolds against the backdrop of a fateful sinking off the shores of Freeport, Bahamas in the year 1656. Merely a year ago, the Maravillas resurfaced from the ocean's depths, rekindling the fervor of countless individuals. The treasures it held for centuries ignited intrigue and admiration among both treasure hunters and history enthusiasts. Dive into the depths of the past and claim your own piece of King Philip's lost bounty.

Bombarda Rum
a literal treasure

Beneath the Waves: Maravillas' Hidden Bounty

An Exclusive Bombarda Rum Bounty Awaits:

Now, an extraordinary opportunity beckons. You stand at the threshold of acquiring a rare collector's coin, one of the concealed treasures from the Maravilla's, a tangible fragment of this captivating maritime saga. Embark on a voyage through the annals of history, and lay claim to your very own piece of King Philip's long-lost bounty.

A Royal Fleet Bounty: Take 10% off any cannon

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The Treasure

On December 1654, the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas waited in Cartagena, Colombia, for a cargo of silver. But, the supply vessel, Jesus Maria de la Limpia Concepción, sank off Ecuador in October, unbeknownst to the Maravillas' crew.

The Concepción's silver was transferred to the Maravillas, along with the galleon's own fresh load of silver coins and bars, the Lady of Wonders set sail for Spain. However, on January 4, 1656, while passing through the Bahama Channel, the galleon lost its way.

As part of the Tierra Firme fleet, the Maravillas, serving as the vice-flagship, collided with its flagship, ultimately sinking due to the weight of its double cargo - a tragic end for a ship carrying treasures.