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El Capitana, also known as the El Rubi, holds a significant place in history as a treasure ship from the Nueva Espana Fleet. Serving as the flagship of the fleet, it embarked on a perilous journey alongside armed galleons, merchant ships, and smaller vessels, laden with valuable silver pesos and gold coins. Tragically, in 1733, the fleet encountered a devastating hurricane that led to the fateful wreck of the El Rubi and 21 other ships along the treacherous reefs of the Florida Keys.

Setting sail from Havana harbor on July 13, 1733, the fleet aimed to return to Spain. However, just a day later, they found themselves at the mercy of a powerful hurricane that unleashed its wrath upon the ships, driving them onto the unforgiving reefs. In the face of this catastrophic event, only five out of the 22 vessels managed to survive. Four of them sought refuge in Cuba, having navigated the storm safely, while one resilient ship continued its journey to Spain unharmed.

In the years that followed, the Spaniards, aided by the assistance of the indigenous people inhabiting the Florida Keys, engaged in salvage operations to recover the remnants of the shipwrecks. These ill-fated vessels remained undisturbed on the reefs for several centuries, bearing witness to a bygone era of maritime history.

The Capitana El Rubi Segundo embodied all of these qualities and surpassed expectations in the 1733 Spanish Treasure Fleet. As one of the few surviving vessels from the devastating Florida hurricane, along with the warships Almiranta El Gallo Indiano and refuerzo El Infante, the Capitana carried an immense fortune estimated at around 13,000,000 pesos in gold, silver, and copper. To this day, there is speculation that some of the Spanish treasure may still lie buried beneath its hallowed decks.

Not only was the Capitana a vessel of extraordinary wealth, but it also held a prominent position within the fleet as the Flagship. As is customary, the Flagship represents the pinnacle of grandeur and distinction, leading the way with its unparalleled magnificence. Boasting the finest accommodations, commanding size, remarkable speed, and formidable armament, the Capitana El Rubi Segundo surpassed all expectations, earning its rightful place as a symbol of maritime excellence and power.

Tasting Notes:

Capitana Tasting Notes: As you take your first sip, the palate reveals a delicate caramel butter, offering a smooth and luscious texture. The initial flavors give way to a comforting warmth, leading to the emergence of rich wood undertones that contribute to the rum's depth. Additional nuances of cherry-almond make an appearance, accompanied by a touch of crushed cacao nibs, adding a touch of indulgence to the experience.

Port Of Origins:
  • Panama
History of Capitana
Single Origin Panama 8 Year Old Rum
ABV 40%
SIZE 750 | 700ml
A Victorious Spirit for The Unruly Kind
Bombarda Rum


Bombarda's handmade wooden garrison carriage makes a statement on any bar or in any man cave.

The Story

Experience Capitana

Introducing Bombarda Rum's latest offering, the eagerly anticipated Capitana. This exceptional 8-year-old Panamanian Dark rum has been meticulously & double aged in white oak and bourbon casks, resulting in a relentless fusion of flavors that will strike your taste buds with a tropical fury!

Bombarda Rum
Bombarda Rum
Available August 15th, 2023

Capitana - an epic story!

Bombarda Rum's Capitana pays homage to the legendary El Rubi Segundo, Capitana Galleon of 1733 and its captivating story. Embark on a journey through time as you indulge in this exquisite rum, specially crafted in honor of the courageous crew of El Rubi Segundo. Resting along the galleon trail in Florida's lower keys, their legacy lives on in every sip of Bombarda's Capitana.

Bombarda Rum
Available August 15th, 2023

crafted with precision

Bombarda avoids the Solera system! Brands using the Solera system cannot guarantee an age and many other Rum producers make inaccurate claims for ages on their labels. Not Bombarda!

Bombarda Rum
Currently Available in Florida Total Wine Stores!

Ship of the Line - Private Barrel

This exclusive 2023 release, known as the "Ship Of The Line," is the third premium, small batch rum offered by Captain James. Capitana, the first of two exclusive Private Barrel releases is available for online purchase and delivery and on the shelves at all of Florida's Total Wine stores throughout Florida.

Capitana's AGING

8 Year Old Panama Rum

Capitana's Origin


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Each of our products are named from cannon types over the ages.

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