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Bombarda's Revenge Jamaican Dark Spiced Rum is a legendary rum brand dedicated to Edward Teach AKA - Blackbeard and his vessel - Queen Anne's Revenge. Inspired by his legend and fight for freedoms against tyranny of the day & thirst for adventure, Revenge captures the true spirit of the Golden Age of Piracy.

Blackbeard, whose real name was Edward Teach, was born around 1680 in Bristol, England. He rose to infamy as one of the most feared and ruthless pirates of his time. Blackbeard's life as a pirate began in the early 18th century when he joined the crew of Benjamin Hornigold, another renowned pirate.

Blackbeard quickly gained a reputation for his imposing appearance and fearsome
tactics. He adorned his long, black beard with slow-burning fuses, creating a terrifying image that struck fear into the hearts of his enemies. This ominous sight, combined with his ruthless demeanor, made Blackbeard a legend among pirates.

In 1717, Blackbeard seized control of a captured French ship, renaming it Queen Anne's Revenge. This mighty vessel became his flagship and a
symbol of his power.

With his fleet, which included ships like the Adventure and the Flying Dutchman, Blackbeard established himself as a prominent figure within the Flying Gang, a loose association of pirates
who operated out of Nassau, Bahamas.

Pirates, despite their reputation for lawlessness, lived by a code known as the Pirate Code or Articles of Agreement. This code served as a set of rules and guidelines that governed their behavior and interactions within the pirate community.

The Pirate Code encompassed various aspects of pirate life, including division of loot, discipline, and democracy. It ensured fairness and order among the crew members, promoting a sense of unity and cooperation.

Blackbeard understood the importance of maintaining morale and loyalty among his crew, and an equitable distribution of plunder played a significant role in achieving this. Like many pirates, Blackbeard would have ensured that each member of his crew received a fair share of the captured treasure based on their rank and contribution.

By adhering to this principle, Blackbeard fostered a sense of unity and camaraderie among his crew, incentivizing them to continue their daring exploits and remain loyal to the pirate cause. This fair division of loot was a crucial aspect of pirate life and one that Blackbeard, as an influential pirate captain, would have upheld to maintain the loyalty and respect of his crew.

Despite his violent end, Blackbeard's legacy as a fearsome pirate and his
association with the Flying Gang of Nassau live on. Bombarda's Revenge
Dark Spiced Rum pays homage to Blackbeard's adventurous spirit and captures the essence of the era when pirates like him ruled the seas.

Revenge Spiced Jamaican Dark rum is one of Bombarda's triple rum releases called Pyrate Republic, which celebrates the history and lore of pirates and their reign against tyranny of the times.

Bombarda's Pyrate Republic Gang collection pays tribute to the daring spirit of pirates who forged a path to democracy, including the legendary Blackbeard.

Tasting Notes:

Not for the faint at heart, Pyrate Republic’s Revenge, a Jamaican Dark Spiced Rum, is a concoction of bold spices and tropical ingredients surely to awaken the raider in you.

Tasting Notes: Revenge features a fierce blow of plantain & caramel, orange peel, burnt sugar, black licorice, and dark cherry, followed by a sneak attack on the palate of chocolate, vanilla, and boom: a surprise ingredient.

Port Of Origins:
  • Jamaica
History of Revenge
An unruly concoction of dark rum and natural spiced flavors
ABV 40%
YEARS AGED Up to 3 Years
SIZE 750ml
A Victorious Spirit for The Unruly Kind
Bombarda Rum


Bombarda's handmade wooden garrison carriage makes a statement on any bar or in any man cave.

The Story

A Rum Dedicated to Blackbeard Himself

The premium rum that honors the swashbuckling heroes of the past. Whether you’re a fan of Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, or Anne Bonny, this rum is for you.

Bombarda Rum

Revenge is a Jamaican Dark Spiced Rum

Crafted from the finest Caribbean sugarcane and aged in oak barrels, Pyrate Republic boasts a rich and complex flavor that will transport you to the high seas. Sip it neat or mix it with your favorite cocktail for an unforgettable experience.

Bombarda Rum

Bombarda's new Pyrate Republic concoctions are more than just Rum

It is a tribute to the daring men and women who roamed the seas in search of adventure, treasure, and freedom. From the Golden Age of Piracy to the privateers who fought for their country, Pyrate Republic celebrates their spirit and legacy.

The Story

Be Free! LiveThe Pirate Code

The pirate code was the code of conduct among pirates.

Bombarda Rum
Bombarda Rum

Rule the Seas with Revenge!

As a member of Bombarda Rum’s Pyrate Republic Gang, you are part of an elite crew of pirates who share a passion for adventure and good rum. Together with members of the Flying Gang, you rule the seas and leave a trail of legends in your wake.

Bombarda Rum

Honor the Legacy

As you raise a glass to Pyrate Republic, remember the brave men and women who came before you. Honor their legacy and uphold their values of freedom, equality, and justice. Raise the Black and set sail for adventure. Arrrr!

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